Welcome to Serenity Way Farm, our philosophy is to grow sustainably and leave a light footprint on the land.  Our vision is to feed our neighbors. 


Our Beginning

Our 3.5 acre farm here along the Clark Fork River is a new project for us and this is our inaugural year.   This initial year will be filled with much activity as we build our raised beds, install our irrigation, and continue to put in the infrastructure necessary to provide our neighbors, local restaurants, and people in need the fruits of our labor.    Our vision to provide Montanans fresh vegetables stems from our long term goal to provide more nutritious food that is sourced locally and is not treated with any chemicals or pesticides.    We look forward to seeing you at the local farmers market in Missoula and with time perhaps you'll be sampling our bounty in local restaurants.    


“The simple hearth of the small farm is the true center of our universe.”

— Masanobu fukuoka  natural farmer / philosopher


Education  is a central theme to our farm and with time we hope to create an environment that fosters an interest in Small Plot Intensive farming (SPIN farming).   The goal behind this method of farming is to grow high quality vegetables sustainably utilizing raised beds in closely spaced rows.  This is a proven method as demonstrated by Jean-Martin Fortier in his book The Market Gardener and is the method we use on our sister farm in Huson, Montana.  See below:   



raised bed


Our Mission

Our mission is fairly broad in that we hope to supply high quality vegetables on a consistent basis while increasing our customers awareness as to the value of sourcing their nutritional needs from local farmers, foragers and ranchers.  It is with some sadness that many Missoula Valley families do still go hungry and don't have access to fresh vegetables and one of our primary goals is to stem that tide by providing cost effective access to quality produce for all.    We are not driven by economics so this positions our business model accordingly.  We welcome all to our farmers market stand and look forward to seeing you even if only to say hi or maybe just sit and chat.   

Jorge Oaxaca  Farmer/Owner